School Guidelines

School Guidelines

Dear Parents,

Please note the following advisories with regard to resumption of regular offline school from tomorrow, wherein attendance is compulsory:

1. School timings shall be from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.

2. There will Fruit break and Lunch Break. So all students have to bring fruit lunchbox compulsorily.

3. Students have to wear proper school uniform.

4. Parents have to send extra napkin, sanitizer, extra mask, big size water bottles in order to avoid refilling from school and ensure safety.

5. All the books and copies have to be send tomorrow. Accordingly, school will segregate the required books and copies and inform accordingly.

6. Parents are requested to clear fees and other dues, if any other earliest and latest by Saturday.

7. Parents are requested to clear dues for material for competition like NSO, IEO etc. and collect their respective materials from school.

8. New Time – Table is attached.


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