7 Physical Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Physical activities for preschool toddlers


Children are the most energetic ones and to expand that energy for everlasting. Pre-schools conduct different activities which play a vital role in the development of a child’s physical and mental health so that children can get prepared for their upcoming academic careers.


Physically active children tend to give better performance in school and academic years, have longer attentiveness, and hardly have any behavioral problems. There are some of the best schools in Udaipur Rajasthan which provide all necessary physical learning activities which are needed and beneficiary.


Physically active children also get benefits like: 

  • Develop gross and agility skills 
  • Build up Strength, Flexibility, Tolerance, and Confidence  
  • Maintain the physical and mental health 
  • Decrease stress and develops communications skills 
  • Improve attentiveness and coordination 


Children at 3-7 years are more energetic and involved in any physical activity they should learn something while burning their precious energy. Physical activities for toddlers build up their body’s major muscles and parts like legs, and arms from jumping, running, climbing, etc. There are several top schools in Udaipur which conduct physical activities and laureate high is one of them which provide greater learning method and conduct physical activities which makes children much more active. Laureate high is the top kindergarten school in Hiran Magri Udaipur.   


Physical activities for the toddlers are mentioned below:-

Follow the Leader:   

In this activity, the teacher has to become the leader of the children and ask them to follow the leader and do the same thing the leader is doing. The leader walks into the room of the house and starts jumping, running, jogging, squatting, trample and asks the children to repeat after them. This is an indoor physical activity.

The treasure hunt:

Treasure hunt is the best activity for the children which makes both physical as well as mental development. In this activity the teacher hides the treasure in the area of the classroom and makes clues to solve the mystery and find the treasure hidden there, First treasure finder will be the winner of the game.

Musical chairs: 

Musical chairs are a fun, loving game for children. In this teacher arrange the chairs in a circle and the children have to walk around the chairs with the music. When the music stops everyone has to sit on the chair if you couldn’t find a chair you lose. Each time one chair will be removed and at last one chair remains and the one who sat first on the chair will be the winner. 

Jumping rope:

Jumping rope is the activity, in this skipping rope is used and teachers teach the children to jump the rope in front and backward, this helps to maintain body flexibility and strength of the leg muscles.

Some of the best preschools in Udaipur conduct all these activities in their daily scheduling to make children more active, laureate high school also conducts all such activities for the children.

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Duck, Duck, Goose is an interesting game, in this, all the children have to sit on the ground in a circle and one will be the goose and the rest sitting were ducks, the goose will move around the circle touching everyone’s shoulder and randomly anyone can get goose then he/she have to chase the duck and if the duck sat on the empty spot of the circle then the goose will lose.

Playground Activities:

In preschools the playground is the best place for physical activities, in the playground, there is lots of free space where children can play normal games like freeze dance, stopper, and all, even preschool playgrounds have equipment like swings, monkey bars, slides, tunnels and garden where kids love to play and make physical health while having fun.

Keep the balloon up: 

Keeping the balloon up is a fun game. You should play this game in an open space where there are no harmful objects, in this game blow up some balloons and ask the children to keep them floating up in the sky, it should not touch the ground. It could be more interesting if the competition is held between different groups.

Both indoor and outdoor activities are beneficial for the children but outdoor activities are more likely to be played because the playground is the most active place. 

Preschool/Kindergarten is very important for the children because children learn all the necessary activities and skills there. It helps to build up coordination, self-esteem, confidence, social and emotional skills, which are beneficial for the children’s upcoming educational career.

If you are looking for the top schools of Udaipur for your child then do visit laureate high school they provide the best education of kindergarten school in Hiran Magri Udaipur. Laureate high school is one of the best schools for nursery which use both traditional and modern methods of teaching fundamental values.

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